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April 1995


Published in Coyotes in the Southwest: A Compendium of Our Knowledge. Symposium Proceedings, December 13–14, 1995, San Angelo, TX, edited by Dale Rollins, Calvin Richardson, Terry Blankenship, Kem Canon, and Scott Henke. Austin, Texas, 1996. Used by permission.


Most information published by the Texas Agricultural Statistics Service (TASS) is based on data gathered through a system of Sample Surveys. TASS regularly surveys sampled farms and ranches and agricultural businesses m order to make statistical inference (estimates) for a total population. The alternative to using a sample survey would be to make a complete enumeration or count of the entire population. Both cost and timely results favor the survey approach. This discussion is an attempt to explain the concepts and sampling methods TASS employs in conducting basic surveys, for both inventory and death loss data for cattle, sheep and goats The discussion will include how estimates were developed for sheep and goat losses to predators and other causes during 1994.