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NEBRASKA POLICY CHOICES 1986, ed. Jeffrey S. Luke & Vincent J. Webb (Omaha, NE: Center for Applied Urban Research, 1986).


Copyright © 1986 University of Nebraska Board of Regents.


Nebraska's economy is in transition from a goods producing economy to a service producing economy. In a sense, this economic transition is a well established megatrend more than 100 years in the making, that has intensified during the last 5 years. From the mid- 1960s to 1979, the rate of growth in nonagricultural employment and income in Nebraska nearly matched that of the nation. Nebraskans must recognize that their economy is influenced largely by external forces, for example, national farm policy and monetary policy. Nebraskans should pursue policies that recognize the transition in the economy and direct state efforts toward policies over which they have some influence. Prospective development targets include telecommunications, insurance, and high-technology manufacturing.