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University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Computer Science and Engineering
Technical Report TR-UNL-CSE-2007-0014
Issued April 4, 2007


In this paper, we describe a multiagent system designed for intelligently supporting online human collaboration, built on top of the ConferenceXP platform developed by Microsoft Research. Many current collaborative systems are passive in nature and do not provide active, intelligent support to users. A multiagent system can be used to track user behavior, perform automated tasks for humans, find optimal collaborative groups, and create and present helpful processed information based on data mining without detracting from the rest of the collaborative experience. Our ConferenceXP-powered I-MINDS application currently offers five different components for enhancing collaboration and sup-porting moderator decision making by giving each user a personal agent that works with other agents to further sup-port the entire system. These capabilities include two modes for group-based discussions, one for question/answer pairs between users and moderators, a search engine for retrieving tracked data, and a centralized classroom/team management system for quickly accessing user performance. CXP+I-MINDS has been successfully deployed to support an interactive business course where its intelligent activities assisted the professor in teaching, and we are working on delivering it to support a wireless classroom.