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University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Computer Science and Engineering
Technical Report # TR-UNL-CSE-2003-0009


In the Fall semester of 2002, I introduced and taught a class in Multiagent Systems. The class was aimed for seniors (with special permission) and graduate students in Computer Science, covering some breadth and depth of issues in multiagent systems. One of the requirements was participation in four Game Days. On each Game Day, student teams competed against each other in games related to issues such as auction, task allocation, coalition formation, and negotiation. This article documents my designs of and lessons learned from these Game Days. The Game Days were very successful. Through role-playing, the students were motivated and learned about multiagent systems. I believe that the Game Days are a good, educational tool for teaching a multiagent systems class. It is my hope that other instructors teaching a similar class may find my experience and insights useful and helpful.