The Centre for Textile Research (CTR) was founded by the Danish National Research Foundation in 2005 and is today an research centre integrated at the Saxo institute at the University of Copenhagen.

Since its inception the CTR has focused strongly on textile history and archaeology via substantial research programmes, as well as via research training of young scholars and a variety of activities connected with textile history involving universities, museums and design schools. The CTR organises seminars, conferences and courses in textile history on all academic levels. The scientific mission of the CTR is to:

● Promote, expand and consolidate textile research in the academic world
● Establish a visible and explicit research profile with national and international references, setting new standards for future textile research
● Explore and consolidate international textile knowledge
● Achieve new results by conducting scientific programmes in new research fields, and by inspiring all scientists to include the area of textiles in their research

Since 2017 the CTR leader is senior associated professor Eva Andersson Strand, who together with professor Marie-Louise Nosch, senior researcher Ulla Mannering, and research assistant Egzona Haxha, form the CTR management group.

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Egyptian Textiles and Their Production: ‘Word’ and ‘Object’

IX Jornadas Internacionales de Textiles Precolombinos y Amerindianos / 9th International Conference on Pre-Columbian and Amerindian Textiles, Museo delle Culture, Milan, 2022.

PreColumbian Textile Conference VIII / Jornadas de Textiles PreColombinos VIII (2019)

PreColumbian Textile Conference VII / Jornadas de Textiles PreColombinos VII (2016)

Textile Crossroads: Exploring European Clothing, Identity, and Culture across Millennia

Textile Terminologies from the Orient to the Mediterranean and Europe, 1000 BC to 1000 AD