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Presented to UNL Discipline-Based Education Research Group, 2012.


Copyright 2012, Paul Savory.


Are our students learning? Are they developing? Are we, as teachers, having an impact? These are important questions about student learning that many postsecondary institutions are increasingly calling upon faculty to answer. Yet, even faculty who value and support excellence in teaching often find it difficult to capture the intellectual work of teaching in a form that can be conveyed easily to others. This presentation speaks to these issues by examining the following challenges:

• How to document, make visible, and assess the careful, difficult, and intentional scholarly work entailed in planning and teaching a course;
• How to show the intellectual work of teaching that takes place inside and outside of the classroom;
• How to systematically investigate, analyze, and document students’ learning in relation to teaching;
• How to communicate this analysis and documentation of teaching to campus or disciplinary audiences.

This presentation explores how course portfolios enable faculty to make visible the intellectual work of teaching for sharing, use, and review by others.