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DBER Group Discussion on 2013‐02‐14


Copyright (c) 2013 William Glider


I was invited to attend the Introductory Biology Project (IBP) conference in Washington, DC this past summer. The conference was funded by an NSF grant to Gordon Uno, University of Oklahoma and hosted by AAAS. I presented a poster dealing with aspects of my collaborative research with colleagues in the UNL Center for Instructional Innovation (CII) and also acted as a representative from ABLE (Association for Biology Laboratory Education). The conference was organized around three themes: Promoting Vision and Change, Implementing Vision and Change, and Evaluating Vision and Change. An overview of the content areas discussed at the conference will be presented and the following presentations will be discussed: Are Academic Boot Camps Effective? presented by Bill & Sheri Wischusen, LSU and The Use of Peer‐led Workshops Improves Student Learning presented by Ralph Prezler, NMSU.