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DBER Group Discussion on 2013‐03‐14


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After decades of chemical education research and reform efforts to enhance the learning environments provided in gateway chemistry courses, the impact on instructional practices is yet to be determined. Years of research clearly demonstrate that evidence‐based instructional practices (EBIPs) – practices grounded in learning theories – promote students’ learning and attitudes toward the field. Therefore, it is critical to characterize the state of instructional practices in these courses to better understand the uptake of EBIPs by chemistry instructors. This study addresses this need by characterizing chemistry faculty’s self‐reported awareness and implementation of EBIPs and factors that influence their implementation decisions. Online surveys were collected from assistant professors in various stages of their academic appointment at research‐intensive institutions throughout the country (N=86) and assistant/associate professors with specific interest in teaching (N=20). Comparisons between the different types of faculty on their self‐reported awareness, implementation of EBIPs and perceived barriers to implementation will be presented.