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DBER Speakers Series, September 2014


Copyright (c) 2014 Dennis L. Molfese & Victoria J. Molfese


Research Areas: Human & Animal Models of TBI; Neural Modeling; Cognitive & Social Neuroscience; Endocrine System; Attention, Perception & Memory; Vestibular/Balance, Biomechanics; Genetics; Cognition, Language & Performance; Lifespan Development; Therapeutic Interventions

CB3 Unique Tools & Training: fMRI/DTI/MRI + ERP + Eye Tracking; 12 High-Density EEG/ERP Labs; 21 Behavior Science Labs; Endocrine Lab; Genetics Lab; 3 Vestibular/Balance Labs; 3 Eye Tracking Labs; 2 Super Computing Labs; 100 gbps Link - Big10/NIH/FITBIR Informatics System; MEG (UNMC); Big10-Ivy League Concussion Questionnaire; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI, fMRI, DTI, SPECT) + 256-high density electrodes + eye tracker + Photogrammetry

Child Testing

Endocrine Laboratory

Genetics Laboratory: Identifying Genetic Risks & Factors that Mitigate Traumatic Brain Injury

Vestibular/Balance Lab

X2 Patch Accelerometer Investigation

Two-Back Memory Task

Intervention For TBI: Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome (PTVS), Visual Midline Shift Syndrome (VMSS)

Current Major Initiatives:

CTE: All former UNL Athletes Normative data, Longitudinal/Cross-sectional, Biomarkers for Risk & Recovery, Longterm outcomes, Intervention success.

NCAA-DoD: All Athletes across all sports Establish universal baseline measures to detect concussion and monitor recovery.

Longitudinal Concussion Study: Football, Soccer First year college players across years of play. Neuropsychology, symptoms, brain imaging.

TBI: Behavior, neurocognition, endocrine, genetics & brain imaging.