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DBER Group Discussion on 2014‐10‐23


Copyright (c) 2014 David Brooks, Guy Trainin, & Khalid Sayood


Earlier we published the Unified Learning Model which speaks to learning based on achieieving the "top slot" in working memory, repetition, and connections. The Mindful Learning Model accounts for more recent understandings of learning, and especially connections to "consciousness." The model has many parts. Inputs to the brain from sensors (eyes, ears) are not so much information about what is perceived but about discrepancies between that perception and one's mental model of the current context. The voices in our heads are after‐the fact reports rather than realtime executives. Working memory is a series of detectable brain events taking place over a brief period (1.5‐2.5 seconds). We are able to imagine ourselves "in the shoes of others," and we are ok to good at this skill in some situations. Whatever model one might choose to adopt, it needs to be consistent with what is known about information theory. Brooks will introduce three aspects of the model. Sayood will speak to how things "fit" in the context of information theory. Trainin is away on another assignment, and likely will deny any relationship with either Brooks or Sayood.