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Great Plains Research (2015) 25(1): 93-94


Copyright (c) 2015, Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska


Until I read Kassinger’s book I clearly did not have the historical perspective necessary to appreciate the incredible lives of plants and how botanists have come to their present understandings of same. Kassinger, a gardener by avocation, cut out most of the jargon, defined terms that she does use, and wrote simple and compelling tales of the histories of discoveries about the various parts of plants and how those parts work together for the benefit of the plant and, ultimately, for our benefit.

[This] is a book that any gardener or other interested person with a modest background in plant biology can understand. It covers all plants, so even the “rots and spots” guys on Backyard Farmer and their fans will find something of interest here. Kassinger’s book is great fun. So much so that I decided to read it a second time. One can’t give an author a much greater compliment than that.