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Dissertations & Theses from 2021

Ambalampitiya, Harindranath B (2021) Semiclassical Methods in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Castro, Janice E (2021) Exploring Latina Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Resiliency

Delon, Thompson (2021) Impact of Particle Surface Charge Heterogeneity on Deposition onto Flat Surfaces and Transport in Porous Media

de Queiroz, Pedro W. Vertino (2021) Essays on Agricultural Technology, Resource Allocation and the Value of Information

Desai, Pankaj Amrut (2021) Yātrā: a Phenomenology of Acculturation and Sojourner Experience of Indian International Students in the U.S

Dierberger, Julie L (2021) Motivation and Persistence Factors for Higher Education Faculty Members who Collaborate with P-12 Teachers to Teach P-16 Service-Learning Courses: A Constructivist Grounded Theory

Ericson, Elizabeth M (2021) Every Student Means Every Student; Experiences of Nebraska Principals and the Challenges of Educating Students with Emotional Dysregulation

Fruhling, Colton B (2021) Fundamental Studies on Nonlinear Thomson Scattering

Honary, Vahraz (2021) Molecular Communication System with Non-Absorbing Receiver

Huben, Robert (2021) Gauge-Invariant Uniqueness and Reductions of Ordered Groups

Hurtado-Beltran, Antonio (2021) A Methodology for Estimating Capacity and Passenger Car Equivalents for Connected and Automated Vehicles Traveling on Freeways

Jacome, Ricardo Osmar (2021) On Road Coordinates for Autonomous Vehicle Guidance

Jimenez, P. Citlally (2021) Describing Undergraduates’ Decision-Making Practices in a Socioscientific-Issue Classroom Context

Johnson, Jill M (2021) Technology Leadership Qualities in Secondary School Principals in Nebraska who Support Student-Led Social Media Teams

Leggiadro, Brenda Chaney (2021) The Impact of Elementary School Counseling Programs on Student Behavioral Outcomes in the First Year of Middle School

Noel, Eric A (2021) Characterization of Novel Chlorovirus Glycosyltransferases that Synthesize Atypical Glycans

Parsons, Leandra Marshall (2021) Production, Evaluation, and Selection of Elite Quality Protein Popcorn (QPP) Hybrids

Pierce, Douglas Lee (2021) Suite for the Panagial: (Songs for the Theotokos)

Presley, Lydia R (2021) A Graveyard of Good Intentions: Sentimental Violence in U.S. Education

Redd, Jordan B (2021) A Performer’s Guide to the Unaccompanied Horn, Solo Horn and Fixed Media, and Horn and Piano Works of James Naigus

Reinders, Jordan D (2021) Characterizing the Susceptibility and Biological Fitness of Nebraska Western Corn Rootworm Populations to Pyramided Plant-Incorporated Protectants

Shi, Dongxue (2021) Characterizing the Expression of Biocontrol Genes by Lysobacter enzymogenes Strain C3 in vitro and in the Rhizosphere

Sommers, Amie S (2021) Emergent Themes in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Professional Development

Song, Xiao (2021) Auditor-Provided Tax Services and Tax Disclosure

Sullivan, Grace A (2021) Individual Differences in Social Responsiveness, Social Experiences, and Oxytocin System Genetic Variation in Depression Symptom Severity

Wei, Xinyao (2021) Microbial Challenge Studies of Radio Frequency Heating for Dairy Powders and Gaseous Technologies for Spices

Yuan, Yifan (2021) Growth and Characterization of Molecular Ferroelectric Thin Films

Zeller, Paul (2021) Chasing Expression: Tracing Notated and Performative Devices that Create a Bel Canto Style at the Piano

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Dissertations & Theses from 2020

Abdelmoteleb, Mohamed (2020) Using Bioinformatics Tools to Evaluate Potential Risks of Food Allergy and to Predict Microbiome Functionality

Adams, Jason R (2020) Plant Segmentation by Supervised Machine Learning Methods and Phenotypic Trait Extraction of Soybean Plants Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Transfer Learning

Aghabaglou, Fariba (2020) Transdermal Drug Delivery Methods for Treatment of Chronic Skin Wounds

Al-Ameeli, Zeina Tariq (2020) Predators Foraging on Endosymbiotic Containing Paramecium Catalyze Chloroviruses Population in the Ecosystem

AlAshery, Mohamed Kareem (2020) Risk Management for Decision-making Under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets

Andersen, Jennifer Audrey (2020) How Does the Social World Shape the Experience of a Rare Disease? Social Position and the Development, Progression, and Medical Care for People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Andrews, Lindsay N (2020) Thresholds of Curating: Literary Space and Material Culture in the Works of Harriet Prescott Spofford, Edith Wharton, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and Willa Cather 1870–1920

Anzalone, Jono A (2020) Characteristics that Motivate a Volunteer Workforce: A Case Study of One of America’s Largest Volunteer Organizations

Arciniega Castillo, Ana Cristina (2020) Advancing Food Safety and Quality Through Innovative Partnerships

Azevedo Ribeiro, Felipe (2020) Advancing the Science of Dry-Aged Beef

Baller, Johnna Lynn (2020) Improving the Accuracy of Genomic Predictions: Investigation of Training Methods and Data Pooling

Banerjee, Subharthi (2020) BIOTRUST: A Novel Biologically Inspired Optimal TRusted User Social Trait-Aware Association for Wireless Proximity Services in 5G and Beyond

Barrett, Laura (2020) What Influences Itinerant Teacher Job Satisfaction and Intent to Stay?

Bash, Kirstie L (2020) Intersecting Advanced Quantitative Designs with Mixed Methods Research: A Case for Integrating Latent Transition Analysis

Beard, Joslyn K (2020) Quantifying Metabolic Flexibility in Cow-Calf Systems

Becklin, Andrew R (2020) Hadamard Well-Posedness for Two Nonlinear Structure Acoustic Models

Behera, Sairam (2020) Suffix Tree, Minwise Hashing and Streaming Algorithms for Big Data Analysis in Bioinformatics

Bhinderwala, Fatema (2020) Systems Biology and Chemometric Analyses of Cellular Chemistry

Biles, Brittany (2020) Symptom Presentation of Sexually Abused Youth: Associations with Abuse Attributions

Bjorklund, Natalia A (2020) Evaluations of Floral Resources and a Horticulture Practice on Wild Bee Foraging in Urban Habitats

Botero-Cañola, Sebastian (2020) Parasite Geography: Exploring Drivers of Parasite Biodiversity Distribution at Species and Community Scales

Bouma, Ann Y (2020) “What Do You Mean, ‘Use My Own Words?’” A Case Study Examining Paraphrasing Difficulties Experienced by International Students

Briley, Chad (2020) Vector Magneto-Optical Generalized Ellipsometry on Magnetic Slanted Columnar Heterostructured Thin Films

Briscoe, Kaleb L (2020) Fighting Racism and Hate: A Case Study of Black Graduate Students’ Perceptions of a University President’s Responses to Racialized Incidents

Brooks, Duane G (2020) Engagement Requires the Institution Too: A Case Study of a California Community College Using Assessment Data to Improve Student Success Practices

Bryan Wessel, Kristen (2020) Hospital-Based Nurse Educators' Technology Readiness and Use of High-Fidelity Simulation

Burrows, Abigail S (2020) Detection of Food Proteins in Human Serum Using Mass Spectrometry Methods

Cabral, Fatima (2020) The Role of Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells in Liver Malady Homeostasis

Campos do Prado, Josue (2020) Vision, Framework, and Decision-making for Integrating Distributed Energy Resources in the Next-generation Retail Electricity Market

Carter, Christopher R (2020) Translating Trans-Subjects: Translation and Subjectivity in Leopoldo Alas's La Regenta and Su único hijo

Cassidy, Kendal (2020) Well-Being in Trans and Gender Diverse Individuals: An Investigation of Chosen Family Support

Cheng, Jonathan Yu (2020) Aspects of Character: Quantitative Evidence and Fictional People

Chen, Long (2020) Improving Microbiological Safety of Low Moisture Food Products Using Radio Frequency and Ethylene Oxide

Chen, Xingyi (2020) Inhibitory Effects of Dietary Exosome-Like Nanoparticles on NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation

Chesanek, Christian Paul (2020) Invention through the Harmonics of Stefano Scodanibbio: A Method of Creative Improvisation for the Contemporary Double Bassist

Christian, Adrienne (2020) Woven

Christian, Bohdan M (2020) The Effects of School Leadership on Teachers’ Professional Practices on Teacher’s Classroom Practice: Evidence from TALIS 2013 US Data

Clem-Brown, Valerie (2020) Enrollment Management and Intercollegiate Athletics: A Study of Women's Beach Volleyball

Cochran, Rachel (2020) Description and Critical Context for Beefeaters, a Novel

Connelly, Krista M (2020) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: A Musical Adaptation

Cooper, Alfonzo (2020) “This Is How We Do It”: A Descriptive Analysis of the Musical Elements and the Black Church Cultural Influences in Adolphus Hailstork’s I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes: A Cantata for Tenor, Choir, and Chamber Orchestra

Cooper, Samantha (2020) Assessing the Effects of Extended Practice on Letter Naming Fluency

Corey, Tyler B (2020) Antipredator Defense in the Spiny Orb-Weaving Spider, Micrathena gracilis

Cowley, Season (2020) A Review of the Pedagogy of Five American University Clarinet Professors of the 21st Century through Observation and Interviews

Daharsh, Lance N (2020) Investigating Alterations of the Gut Microbiome and HIV-1 Pathogenesis Using Rhesus Macaque and Double Humanized-Mouse Models

Dasgupta, Medhanjali (2020) The Role of Conformational Dynamics in Isocyanide Hydratase Catalysis

Davidson, Jennifer A (2020) Longer-Term Impact and Efficacy of Nebraska’S In-School Elementary Grades Savings Programs

Deayon, Terri L (2020) Grace Steinberg Day: Barrier Breaker

Diehl, Ryan Hunter (2020) Stories of Greatness and Honor: A Narrative Inquiry of First-Generation College Students Who Are Community College Honors Program Graduates

Diehl, Ryan Hunter (2020) Stories of Greatness and Honor: A Narrative Inquiry of First-Generation College Students Who Are Community College Honors Program Graduates

Dorsten, Amanda Kristine (2020) They Might Be Older, but They Have Less Experience: the Lived Expectations and Experiences of Athletic Training Preceptors in Graduate Athletic Training Student Mentorship

Drabkin, Benjamin (2020) Symbolic Powers in Algebra and Geometry

Dupree, Ernest (2020) The Impact of Intersectional Identities and Threat on Political Representation

Eastberg, Samantha R (2020) Conjoint Behavioral Consultation with Latinx Families and Children: What Works for Whom?

Egreja, Thais (2020) Transcriptome Analysis of Maize in Response to Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum and Clavibacter nebraskensis

El Alaoui, Sara (2020) Routing Optimization in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for Space and Mission-Driven Internet of Things (IoT) Environments

Encinger, Amy J (2020) The Influence of Proximal and Distal Familial Factors on Preschool Children’S Inhibitory Control and Social Emotional Skills

Evans, Prescott E (2020) Symmetry and Interface Considerations for Interactions on MoS2

Evertson, David W (2020) The Influence of Principal Leadership on Teacher Collaboration: Does Effective Professional Development Mediate This Effect?

Falls, Zoe Lynn (2020) Answering Wicked Questions: Using a Transdisciplinary Ste(A)M Maker Project to Explore Pre-Service Teachers’ Experiences

Ferreira da Silva, Karen (2020) Two Dimensions for Improving Plant Health: Characterization of Biotic Interactions Underlying Plant Immunity and a Nationwide Survey on Developing Future Leaders in the Plant Science Disciplines

Feusner, Chelsea (2020) Implementation of the MTSS Process in Kearney Public Schools

Firestone, Justin (2020) Application of Software Engineering Principles to Synthetic Biology and Emerging Regulatory Concerns

Fisher, Tamra J (2020) Nanostructured Ceria: Synthesis Characterization and Applications in Catalysis

Fullerton, Adam B (2020) Counternarratives of Success: A Narrative Inquiry into the Life Experiences of Prior-Enlisted Reserve Officers Navigating Higher Education

Gambhir, Nikita (2020) Fungicide Resistance: Surveillance, Risk Assessment and Evolution in Two Soil-Borne Pathogens

Gannon, Shanna M (2020) How Principals Support the Instructional Coaching Process: A Collective Case Study from Two Midwestern Elementary Schools

Garcia, Angel N (2020) Palíndromo

Garcia-Merchant, Linda Frances (2020) Mulcaxitl: A Performance of Chicana Methodology

Garrett, Zack (2020) Vagueness and the Logic of the World

Gaughan, Sarah (2020) Using Genetic Markers to Enhance Conservation Efforts

Gilbert, Simeon James (2020) The Electronic Properties of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Transition Metal Trichalcogenides: TiS3 and ZrS3

Gillen, Zachary M (2020) Comparisons of Muscle Strength, Size, and Neuromuscular Function in Pre- and Post-Pubescent Males and Females

Glanz, Theresa A (2020) Federal Land-Use Policy and Resettlement in the Great Plains: An Experiment in Community Development during the New Deal Years, 1933–1941

Goicolea, Ignacia Elizabeth (2020) Micro-Credentialing: Establishing a Wyoming Framework

Goller, Maria (2020) Functions of Vocal Mimicry in the Complex Song of the European Starling, Sturnus vulgaris

Gómez P., Rubén Darío (2020) Critical Edition and Interpretative Analysis of Música para Orquesta de Vientos y Percusión Op. 152 by Blas Emilio Atehortúa

González Solís, Ariadna (2020) Dissecting the Regulatory Network of Sphingolipid Biosynthesis in Plants

Graham, Katie M (2020) Career and Technical Education Teachers’ Beliefs About Developing Students’ Motivation to Write

Granville, Kyle M (2020) A Musical Analysis of the Improvisational Bebop Style of Nat Adderley (1955-1964)

Gresk, Rachel (2020) You’re Happy and You Know It: Social-Cognitive and Environmental Factors’ Impact on Iraqi Student Satisfaction

Guha, Arpan (2020) A Novel Approach to Low-Resolution Occupancy Sensing Using Dynamic Feedback Comparison on Successive Pixelized Still Images

Guo, Tianjing (2020) Tunable Compact THz Devices Based on Graphene and Other 2D Material Metasurfaces

Hall, Matthew J (2020) Sharing Experiences in the Attention Economy: How Receiving Attention Influences Post-sharing Satisfaction

Harpster, Jillian J (2020) Relationship as Responsibility: a Portrait of Four Middle School Teachers

Hasan, Mohammad H (2020) Machine Learning Augmentation Micro-Sensors for Smart Device Applications

Heerspink, Lee A (2020) A Bright Size Transformation: Examining Pat Metheny’s Improvisatory Evolution through Select Original Compositions from the Album Bright Size Life (1976)

Herber, Courtney (2020) Towards Consortship: Performing Ritual, Intercession, and Networking in Tudor and Early Stuart England

Hernandez, Diana M (2020) Structural, Organizational, Cultural Processes and Mechanisms: A Case Study of Writing Center Marginalization and Untapped Potential

Hiscock, Jared Schuyler (2020) Transcendentalist Sympathies: A Contextual Study of the Wound-Dresser

Hitt, Brianna D (2020) Group Testing Identification: Objective Functions, Implementation, and Multiplex Assays

Holley, Eric R (2020) Comprehensive and Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories for Nebraska and the Midwest as Baselines for Climate Change Mitigation

Holloway, Colin P (2020) Affective Forecasting and Policy Capturing: Modeling Political Judgment

Huang, Jiaqi (2020) A Study of Security and Privacy in Vehicular Networks

Hubrig, Adam Lee (2020) Preparing Citizens, Composing Publics: Composition Pedagogy as a Primer for Engaged Citizenship

Hughes, Mark (2020) Keeping the Faith: The Organizational Saga of Anderson University

Husa, Andrew (2020) Population Sustainability In Rural Nebraska Towns

Huynh, Tuyen N (2020) Circle of Security Intervention Enhanced with Mindful Self-Compassion (COS-MSC): A Mixed Methods Study

Jaramillo, Eder (2020) From Erotic Conquest to the Ravishing Other: Imperial Intercourse in Shakespeare's Drama and Anglo-Spanish Rivalry

Jarosz, Klaudia (2020) Grażyna Bacewicz and Her Contributions to the Cello Repertoire

Jenkins, Shawn (2020) Soybean Response to Water: Trait Identification and Prediction

Jochman, Joseph C (2020) 'Do Unto Others': Religiosity and Bullying in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Johnson, Devvonie Meosha (2020) Principal Turnover: Why Do They Leave?

Jolley, Michael R (2020) Going the Distance: A Case Study of One Rural Community College's Journey across the Digital Divide

Jolley, Tonya L (2020) Incentives to Impact the Longevity of Urban Special Education Paraprofessionals

Jung, Hye-Ran (2020) The Specter of White America's Surveillance in Richard Wright's Native Son and Chang-Rae Lee's Native Speaker

Ju, Siyeong (2020) Fluid Structure Interaction for Evaluating Surgical Outcomes in Pre-clinical Settings

Kane, Elisabeth J (2020) Training Teachers to Differentiate Instruction to Address Work Completion Problems in Math

Kang, Le (2020) Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) for Teachers of Chinese: A Mixed Methods Study

Katt, Susan K (2020) Gaining Insight into the Development of Mathematics Teacher Leaders in Primary Grades: A Multi-Case Study

Keller, Joshua Lee (2020) The Sex-Specific Contributions of Neuromuscular and Muscle Blood Flow Responses to Performance Fatigability following Fatiguing Bilateral Muscle Actions above and below Critical Force

Kell, Traci Kay (2020) Supporting the Cooperating Teacher in a Student Teaching Experience

King, Tasha M (2020) Influence of Strategic Supplementation and Genetic Potential for Milk Yield on Forage Digestibility, Amino Acid Utilization, and Livestock Production

Klein, Cameron G (2020) The Relationship Between the Cervical Microbiome and Cervical Cancer Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa

Knight, Matthew W (2020) Lived Experiences of Second-Year Rural College Students

Knight, Sean (2020) Free Charge Carrier Properties in Two-Dimensional Materials and Monoclinic Oxides Studied by Optical Hall Effect

Lally, Diane E (2020) Geoscience Education Research: Trends and Applications in Undergraduate Courses

Lau, Soon Kiat (2020) Research Tools and Their Uses for Determining the Thermal Inactivation Kinetics of Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods

Le, Nam (2020) Essays in Corporate Finance

Li, Bo (2020) Band Structure Topology and Spin Transport in Magnon Systems

Lidenge, Salum J (2020) Immunological and Molecular Virological Studies of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Patients with and Without HIV-1 Infection

Li, Haibo (2020) Enhanced Control Algorithms in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines

Li, Jinyu (2020) Inverse Covariance Matrix Estimation and Graphical Modelselection with the Applications

Li, Runkun (2020) The Synthesis of Jazz and Chinese Folk Songs as a Model for Jazz Pedagogy in China

Liu, Huiyuan (2020) Estimation of Vehicular Exposure at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

Li, Ying (2020) Enhanced and Coherent Light-Matter Interactions Based on Epsilon-Near-Zero Plasmonic Waveguides

Li, Zhiqiang (2020) Advanced Techniques to Detect Complex Android Malware

Locklear, Moriah (2020) Peroxides as Sources of Electrophilic Oxygen: Their Reactivity and Synthesis

López-Bermúdez, Francisco (2020) The Politics of Friendly Settlements in the Inter-American System of Human Rights

Luethje, Melina G (2020) Evaluating the Resilience of Andean Lakes to Climatic and Anthropogenic Impacts on Varying Temporal and Spatial

Madden, Kevin Patrick (2020) The Brass Music of Gwyneth Walker: an Overview

Martin, Tyler (2020) Mothers’ Experience with Infant Complementary Feeding Practices: A Phenomenological Study

McMorris, David (2020) Optimal Allocation of Two Resources in Annual Plants

Medina, Aprí (2020) Pay No Attention to the Regulation Behind the Curtain: The Implications of the Return to Title IV (R2T4) Federal Aid Policy on Time to Degree

Mehrmashhadi, Javad (2020) Peridynamic Models for the Influence of Microstructure and of Temperature in Dynamic and Quasi-Static Brittle ‎Fracture

Mendoza Jimenez, Jose Rodrigo (2020) Assessment of Grain Safety in Developing Nations

Merkel, M. Elizabeth (2020) An Examination of the Predictive Relationship between Mindfulness in Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurial Orientation of Their Firms

Miao, Chenyong (2020) Quantitative Genetics and Phonemics in Crops Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches

Miller, Laura L (2020) A Case Study of the Avenue Scholars Foundation's Service Model Implemented to Help Teens and Young Adults Overcome Circumstances of Poverty

Minniear, Mackensie (2020) Ethnic-Racial Socialization Mapping in Ethnic-Racial Minority Populations: Exploring the Efficacy of an Intervention to Increase Well-Being and Secure Ethnic-Racial Identity

Mittelstet, Tammera J (2020) An Evaluative Study of the Rural Elementary Teachers’ Perspective on the Partnership Between Rural Public Elementary Schools and Nebraska Extension

Mohammadi Ghaleni, Mahdi (2020) Design, Synthesis, and Fabrication of Membranes and Modules for Water Desalination: Porous Materials with Special Wettability for Membrane Distillation

Mollamohammada, Sara (2020) Nitrate and Herbicides Removal from Groundwater Using Immobilized Algae

Montanari, Shiana S (2020) An Analytical Study of Amanda Harberg’S Sonata for B-Flat Clarinet and Piano

Morgan, Toni M (2020) Conceptualizing Perceived Parental Communicated Acceptance during Parent-Child Religious Difference

Morris, Dennis Logan (2020) Energy Metabolism in Jersey Cows: Improving Our Understanding of Energy Requirements and Utilization

Moser, Sheree M (2020) Struggling Student Teachers: Interventions for Support and Success

Najjar, Jihan (2020) The Experiences of Iranian Sexual Minority Refugees and Asylum Seekers: A Phenomenological Study

Najjar, Jihan (2020) The Experiences of Iranian Sexual Minority Refugees and Asylum Seekers: A Phenomenological Study

Navarro Aquino, Xavier Ulises (2020) A Bridged Country

Nelson, Matthew J (2020) The Role of Undergraduate Student Affairs Coursework in Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals’ Career Development

Nelson, Travis J (2020) Engineering Split-Luciferase Assay Systems for Detection of Protein Solubility

Niazi, Sina (2020) Peridynamic Models for Crack Nucleation in Brittle and Quasi-Brittle Materials

Nicodemus, Timothy J (2020) Bioremediation of Municipal and Agricultural Wastewater Coupled with High Value Product Formation in Coccomyxa Subellipsoidea C-169

Nir, J. D (2020) Two Questions about Properties of Large Graphs: On Generalized Turán Numbers and the Chromatic Number of Random Lifts

Nogan, Garrett D (2020) Faculty Perspectives on Improvement of Developmental Education Pass Rates

Oates, Evangela Q (2020) Marginalized Faculty at Marginalized Institutions: Counternarratives as Resistance in Exploring the Experiences of Black Librarians at Public, Two-Year Colleges

O'Connor, Lindsey Nicole (2020) A Performer’s Guide to and Analysis of David Heath’s Out of the Cool, Rumania, and Coltrane

Olson (Zephier), Melissa D (2020) A Qualitative Study Exploring Attachment Through the Context of Indian Boarding Schools

O'Shea, Amber (2020) Understanding Hope in Elementary Students

Oswald, Cody Joe (2020) A Multi-Omic Approach to Evaluating Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis in the Field

Panday, Dinesh (2020) Effects of Char on Nitrogen Management in Agricultural Soils of Semi-Arid Western Nebraska

Patel, Sagar Mahendrakumar (2020) Characterization of Human Pyrroline-5-Carboxylate Reductase Enzymes Responsible for L-Proline Biosynthesis

Pettit, Trina (2020) Addressing the Need for an Alternative Education Collaborative in Nonmetropolitan School Districts

Philyaw, Julia M (2020) Defying the Odds, Stories of Success: A case study of Foster Care Alumni in the Community College Environment

Pope, Susan Kay (2020) Emergent and Early Literacy Opportunities for Children with Visual Impairment With/Without an Additional Disability

Poppe, Lisa K (2020) The Humoral Immune Response to Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus and Its Links to Viral Transmission and Pathogenesis

Psaroudaki, Katerina (2020) The "Beneficiary-Pays" Principle and Race-Conscious Affirmative Action

Qiu, Haowen (2020) Effect of Red Grain Sorghum Whole Kernel Surface Lipid, Wax, and Oil Fractions on Saturated Fat Diet Induced Changes on Hepatic Metabolic and Energy Homeostasis in Hamsters

Rageh, Ahmed E (2020) Riveted Steel Railway Bridge Health Monitoring and Damage Detection

Rainville, Megan (2020) Essays in Corporate Finance

Rashaduzzaman, Md (2020) Influence of Convenience, Time-Savings, Price, and Product Variety on Amazon Prime Members and Non-Prime Shoppers’ Online Apparel Purchase Intention

Ratcliff, Shawn M (2020) The Relationship Between State-Level Dynamics, Firearm Policies, and County-Level Homicides

Reichenbach, Matthew (2020) Spectral Properties of a Non-Compact Operator in Ecology

Rice, Kelley J (2020) Steam Education: Integrating the Arts into STEM to Create STEAM

Richardson, C. L (2020) Upon the Body: Examining the Relationship between Race and Ancestry

Richardson, Leah M (2020) Principal Wellness: Principals’ Managing Their Wellbeing

Rom, Brittany A (2020) Scaffolding Autonomy in the Practice Room: A Mixed Methods Study Examining the Impact of Digital Scaffolds on High School String Musicians' Self-Correction and Improvement of Pitch and Rhythmic Accuracy During Independent Music Practicing

Rome, Jennifer Marie (2020) Exploring Constructions of “Good” Motherhood on Social Media: Navigating Neoliberal Mommy Rhetorics and the Negative Affective Entanglements of Women’s Discourses on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

Rose, Mark A (2020) Leveraging Silicone Elastomer Surface Chemistry and Mechanics towards the Rational Patterning of Micron-Scale Objects

Rouamba, Guieswende Hyacinthe (2020) An Online Institute for Teaching Graduate Students to Design Online Courses: A Design-based Research Study

Rubenfeld, Shawn Michael (2020) Among Those Who Stand

Rukundo, Isaac R (2020) Evaluating the Use of Handheld near Infrared (NIR) Spectrometers in Food Adulteration Detection and Feed and Forage Analysis

Saddler, Jonathan A (2020) Understanding Eye Gaze Patterns in Code Comprehension

Sadri, Mahrou (2020) Roles of Milk Exosomes and Their MicroRNA Cargos in Perinatal Health in Mice

Sahu, Neerja (2020) Innovative Framework of Trustworthy Computing and Transmission for Electrocardiogram Physiological Signals

Sandoval Semmann, Jessica L (2020) Targeted Violence in Schools: Warning Behaviors of Physical Violence and Other Concerning Behaviors in a Public-School System

Santos, Jose M (2020) A Physiologically-Aware Architecture for Fidelity-Preserving Transmission of Biomedical Signals in Body Area Sensor Networks and IoT

See, Garrett (2020) Strategies for Using Commercial Data to Inform Genomic Prediction in Swine Breeding

Segura Munoz, Rafael R (2020) Modulation of Microbiome for Metabolic Health Depends on Diet, Specific Gut Bacteria and Background Microbiomes

Shanahan-Bazis, Pamela (2020) Effects of the “Write Sounds” Program on Handwriting and Phonics Skills

Skold, Stacey (2020) Ecological Art Exhibition as Transformative Pedagogy

Smith, Chadwin B (2020) A Conceptual Model Evaluation Framework for Adaptive Governance and Adaptive Management in Large-Scale Restoration Programs

Sorensen, Nicole Leeann (2020) Applying Agriculture Curriculum as a Vehicle for Science Learning

Soujah, Souhail R (2020) The Role of the Rural Principal in Fostering Indigenous Parent-School Relationships: Examples from the Yukon

Spagnolo, Jean-Paul (2020) Decision Style of College Presidents at Servant-Leadership Oriented Universities: A Qualitative Study

Spaid, Andrew (2020) Desire Satisfaction Theories and the Problem of Depression

Spier, Celeste (2020) Effects of Career Courses on Career Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations

Spore, Tyler J (2020) Protein and Water Utilization in Beef Cattle Systems

Stellato, Channing C (2020) Electrochemical Peptide-Based Environmental Sensors for the Detection of Uranium

Stewart, Sean (2020) Examining the Intersectionality of Race and Gender: A Narrative Study of Women of Color in Mid-Level Leadership Positions at Texas Community Colleges

Sunderman, Hannah M (2020) The Development of Generativity among College Student Leaders Who Mentor: A Growth Curve Analysis

Svoboda, Steven J (2020) Finite Population Corrections for Two-Level Hierarchical Linear Models with Binary Predictors

Taylor, James Marvin (2020) A Novel Path Loss Forecast Model to Support Digital Twins for High Frequency Communications Networks

Taylor, Nathan C (2020) Mental Health Chats to Improve Mental Health in Rural Areas

Teeter, Jacob D (2020) On-Surface Characterization of Atomically Precise Graphene Nanoribbons: Variations in Structure, Substrate, and Deposition Method

Teeters, Bethany S (2020) The Role of Resource Availability and Habitat Quality in Structuring Prairie Bee Communities

Tevis, Kristine (2020) Long-term Behavioral Health Care Unbundled: The Impact of Comorbidity and Aggression on Caregiver Strain and Service Costs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Theimer, Kate (2020) Increasing Students' and New Professionals' Knowledge of Child Sexual Abuse Outcomes: An Evaluation of an Online Intervention

Theisinger, Clayton J (2020) The Relationship of School Climate and Ninth-grade-on-track Rates in Illinois High Schools

Timbrook, Jerry (2020) Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Code Interviewer Question-Asking Behaviors: A Proof of Concept

Tonon Rosa, Alexandre (2020) Influence of Cover Crop Management Practices on Rainfed Corn Production in Semi-arid Western Nebraska

Tryon, Donald Levi (2020) Bayes’ Network and Smart Sensors – Occupancy Detection

Tufuor, Ernest O. A (2020) Development of an Improved Arterial Roadway Performance Reliability Methodology

Tuttle, Beckie (2020) Poverty, Literacy, and Race: A Middle School Teacher's Iterative Investigative Journey

Uhing, Karina (2020) Exploring Pedagogical Empathy of Mathematics Graduate Student Instructors

Usher-Tate, Betty Jean L (2020) Estimating School-Level Achievement in Belize

Valverde Bogantes, Esteban (2020) Identification, Aggressiveness and Mycotoxin Production of Fusarium graminearum and F. Boothii Isolates Causing Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat in Nebraska

Vlasnik, Amber (2020) Career Pathways of Noyce Master Teaching Fellows: Why Teachers Shift to Hybrid Teacher Leadership Positions

Vujin, Visnja (2020) Exile as an Element of Everyday Existence in the Works of Contemporary Female Authors

Waddle, Clayton L (2020) The Effects of Equalization Funding on the Smallest School Districts in Nebraska

Wang, Xingtao (2020) Wavelength Decomposition of Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Power Signals and Their Relationship with Surface Integrity

Watanabe, Susumu (2020) Concertante for Sho and Jazz Orchestra

Watts, J. Colton (2020) Linking Theory and Empirical Data to Understand the Evolutionary Ecology of Foraging and Mating Behavior

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

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Akesseh, Solomon (2017) Ideal Containments Under Flat Extensions and Interpolation on Linear Systems in P2

Albujar-Escuredo, Miguel Angel (2017) Anatomía comparada de la representación de la muerte en la literatura española transatlántica durante el ocaso de la edad media y el Renacimiento

Alhassan, Mustapha (2017) Three Essays in Nonmarket Valuation: Producers' Willingness to Supply Switchgrass; Smallholder Irrigation Farmers' and Residents' Preferences for Groundwater Protection

Allen, Nicole T (2017) Chronistic Criticism: Temporalizing the Nation and Reconsidering the Role of Time-Temporalities in Rhetorical Theory

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Anderson, Catherine (2017) Selecting the "Closest to Optimal" Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Multi-Layer Perceptron

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Barker, J. Burdette (2017) Spatial Irrigation Management Using Remote Sensing Water Balance Modeling and Soil Water Content Monitoring

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Blake, James Alan (2017) A Portrait of the Turnover of Nebraska Female Public School Superintendents

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Bruening, Christopher A (2017) Development of Innovative Propane Flame Weeding Equipment

Buhrman, Danielle (2017) The Design And Enactment Of Modeling Tasks: A Study On The Development Of Modeling Abilities In A Secondary Mathematics Course

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Devney, Rik (2017) Factors Associated to Teacher Longevity in a Title I Elementary School A Qualitative Narrative Inquiry Study

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Do, Hai Viet (2017) Time-Dependent Safety of Steel Bridge Girders Due to the Fatigue and Corrosion

Dong, Yanbing (2017) The Imagery of Evil in Modern Piano Works: Exploring the Diabolical Elements in N. Lincoln Hanks' Monstre Sacré and Lowell Liebermann's Gargoyles

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Easterly, Amanda Christine (2017) Developing Hybrid Wheat for the Great Plains: Addressing Hybridization, Heterosis, and Heterotic Pool Development

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Frohn, Scott R (2017) An Evaluation and Revision of the Children's Behavior Questionnaire Effortful Control Scales

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Gregory, Charles V (2017) An Instrumental Case Study of Administrative Smart Practices for Fully Online Programs and Degrees

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Hagen Gray, Tricia Michelle (2017) "Hear Us, See Us": Constructing Citizenship in the Margins

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Isasi, Jennifer (2017) Posibilidades de la minería de datos digital para el análisis del personaje literario en la novela española: El caso de Galdós y los "Episodios Nacionales"

Jaimes-Correa, Juan C (2017) Emerging Contaminants Occurrence and Streamflow Responses to Extreme Climate Conditions in an Agricultural Watershed

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

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Dotterer, Laura Jo (2014) Optimizing water use through management of spatiotemporal variation using site specific technologies

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Roost, Laura (2014) Justice without care: Reconceptualizing transitional justice through feminist theoretical analysis and ethical debate

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Stamps, David Christopher (2014) Garden of the Carpathians: Four reflective pieces for mixed ensemble that highlight the dualism of Romania's people, culture, and aesthetic.

Stange, Mathew (2014) Tailoring general population surveys to address participation and measurement challenges of surveying lesbian, gay, and bisexual people

Staples-Farmer, Sarah Clarke (2014) Racking up cultural capital and eliminating labels: The culture of teaching and learning in the juvenile justice system

Starks-Yoble, Ginger (2014) Laptops and language learning: A mixed methods study of technology integration and student engagement

Stech, Jamie (2014) New and experienced general education faculty at Iowa Western Community College: Propensity to leave and the use of Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory to predict job satisfaction

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Abetz, Jenna Stephenson (2013) Communicatively constructing gender, marriage, and career: A discursive exploration of female doctoral candidates with non-academic male partners

Adams, Megan Rachel (2013) Growing as a Leader through Developing Others: The Effect of Being a Mentor Principal

Adkins, Ann M (2013) Social studies in elementary student teachers' classrooms: exploring decisions and practices

Ahmed, Aseel Yassen (2013) Reliability analysis of settlement for shallow foundations in bridges

Alawneh, Musa (2013) Curved precast prestressed concrete girder bridges

Alessandrelli, Jeff (2013) This Last Time Will Be The First

Alford, Susan F (2013) The relationship of preservice teachers to English language learners in mainstream classrooms

Allen, Jill M (2013) The drive to be sexy: Belonging motivation and optimal distinctiveness in women's self-sexualization

Alsarraf, Hussain (2013) Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on Dust Storms Over Kuwait by the Middle of the Century Simulated by WRF Dynamical Downscaling

Alvarez, Diego R (2013) Essays on the efficiency of electricity generation in Nebraska

Anguizola, Jeanethe (2013) Affinity chromatographic studies of drug-protein binding in personalized medicine

Arentson, Benjamin W (2013) Investigation of proline utilization A: Kinetic analysis of substrate channel-blocking mutants and creation of a trifunctional chimera enzyme

Armenta, Brian E (2013) Perceived Discrimination and Psychological Well-being: Social Comparisons and Feelings of Belongingness and Competence

Auch, Tanner J (2013) Development and application of difference and fractional calculus on discrete time scales

Awasthi, Inkant (2013) I. Size effects in combustion of isolated methanol droplets II. Autoignition in unstrained, laminar mixing layers

Awasthi, Pushp (2013) Boundary value problems for discrete fractional equations

Babine, Karen (2013) Galway(s)

Bai, Chunmei (2013) Applying statistical methodologies to simulate the fate and transport of engineered nanoparticles in the subsurface

Banion, Kimberly Winschel (2013) "The continent of glories": Geographical concepts in historical literature, 1846-1877

Bao, Xiaoyan May (2013) Two essays on fair value accounting: The impact of fair value accounting on maturity structure and credit risk

Barcelo Llanes, Ingrid (2013) Winter ecology of Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis ) in northern Mexico

Barcenes, Raul G (2013) A Chant from the Great Plains: An analysis and rationale for a critical edition

Barnett, Ashley J (2013) "We shall meet beyond the river": An analysis of the deathscape of Brownville, Nebraska

Barrios, Alejandro (2013) Postmodernidad, memoria y utopía en "respiración artificial" y "la ciudad ausente" de Ricardo Piglia

Barron Lopez, Jose Alberto (2013) Selection objective for improving efficiency of beef cattle

Batman, Renee F (2013) Fulfilling an institutional and public good mission: A case study of access

Baurain, Bradley (2013) Religious faith, teacher knowledge, and overseas Christian ESOL teachers

Belhassen, Imene (2013) The quest for identity and the loss of identity in North African literature of exile

Benson, Gregory E (2013) Understanding why so few female students select industrial distribution as their undergraduate major

Beran Samuelson, Melissa (2013) In pursuit of sustainable good: Microfinance in India

Bernstein, Stuart P (2013) A distance education classroom designed to facilitate synchronous learner and instructor interactions

Bieber, Kristin E (2013) Do Students Understand What Researchers Mean by Bullying?

Billie, Natasha M (2013) Adopted women of color: Narratives of their college experiences

Black, Michael (2013) Informative retesting for hierarchical group testing

Bleck, Amanda A (2013) Examining the Impact of Student Choice of Writing Topic on Writing Production and Accuracy

Blomstedt, Matthew L (2013) The Legislative Purposes and Intent of the Common Levy in Nebraska's Learning Community

Boardman, Grant Stanley (2013) Paleoecology of Nebraska's ungulates during the Eocene-Oligocene climate transition

Boeckner, Derek (2013) Directed graph limits and directed threshold graphs

Boger, Elizabeth A (2013) Sex ratios and gender role perceptions

Bonner, B. Jeanne (2013) Leading the charge: A multiple case study of presidential perceptions of essential leadership characteristics for the 21st century community college

Booker, Lindsay M (2013) Using Self-Regulated Strategy Development with At-Risk Writers with Asperger Syndrome

Bowdish, Randall G (2013) Military strategy: Theory and concepts

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Adkins, Megan M (2011) An examination of changes in sedentary time with the integration of technology for children participating in a morning fitness program

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Abbott, Daniel H (2010) Constructing a creative self-efficacy inventory: A mixed methods inquiry

Abplanalp, Edward R (2010) Background environmental justice: An extension of Rawls's political liberalism

Adams, Darren M (2010) Preservation ethics in the case of Nebraska's nationally registered historic places

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Alzandani, Bakeel Ahmed (2010) The Bush Doctrine, the War on Terror, and American promotion of democracy in the Middle East: The cases of Egypt and Yemen

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An, Jichong (2010) Soil behavior under blasting loading

Auciello, Daria Joy (2010) Two essays on learning disabilities in the application of fundamental financial principles

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

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Barnette, Benjamin H (2009) Qaluyaaq: An archeology survey and oral histories collection of Nelson Island, Alaska

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Boubacar, Inoussa (2009) Essays on climate change: Impacts on productivity, and deforestation

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Bourbon, Carmen (2009) La voz y la violencia invisible en el cuento caribeño contemporáneo

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

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Allen-Portsche, Summer M (2008) Multicultural Counseling Competence in home -based therapy: A phenomenological study

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

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Anderson, Scot (2007) Software verification and spatiotemporal aggregation in constraint databases

Arbor, Joy (2007) Never again: Interventionist rhetoric and social justice for the other

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Baker, Alvin Lee (2007) Thomas Creech's “Concerning the Nature of Things” Books I–II

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Chang, Shu-Ren (2007) Computerized adaptive test item response times for correct and incorrect pretest and operational items: Testing fairness and test -taking strategies

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Cokeley, Paul (2007) Boundary and localized null controllability and corresponding minimal norm control blow up rates of thermoelastic and structurally damped systems

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Doty, Donald G (2007) Institutional strengths, fundraising messages, and private giving outcomes in Tier One Research Extensive Universities: A multiple case study

Dowd-Eagle, Shannon Elizabeth (2007) Pre -referral Intervention with Parents as Partners (PIPP): An investigation of efficacy, implementation fidelity, and parent involvement in team-based problem solving procedures

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

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Dall'Olmo, Giorgio (2006) Isolation of optical signatures of phytoplankton pigments in turbid productive waters: Remote assessment of chlorophyll-a

Day, Ellen E (2006) Boron carbide devices for neutron detection applications

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Gao, Xinbao (2006) Delta utility models in decision-based design

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