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Investigation of Carbohydrate Isomers through Ion Mobility Spectrometry – Mass Spectrometry

Jessica L Minnick, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Carbohydrates are a structurally complex and functionally diverse biomolecule class with roles in energy metabolism, cell-cell interactions, and protein folding and function. The variation in carbohydrate structure results in multiple isomers where each have a certain function. Therefore, isomer separation and identification are crucial. This dissertation focuses on the use of ion mobility spectrometry for distinguishing isomeric disaccharides and trisaccharides, the use of metal and halogen adduction to enhance separation, and collision cross sections to understand their dependence on structure. Chapter 1 introduces carbohydrates (also referred to as saccharides) and their analysis through ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 investigate the structural determinants of CCS for isomeric disaccharides and isomeric trisaccharides, respectively. Additionally, Chapter 2 applies IMS separation to distinguish disaccharide isomers. Group I metal adduction in positive ion mode and halogen adduction in negative ion mode are examined in Chapter 4 to identify the best adduct for enhancing the separation of isomeric trisaccharides. Chapter 5 furthers the use of metal adduction to group II metal ions, where again the separation of isomeric trisaccharides is examined. This research will advance the understanding of carbohydrate structure in isomer separation and CCS. Finally, Chapter 6 examines CCS calibrant choice for glycopeptide analysis using traveling wave-IMS. Overall, this work examines the role of structure on carbohydrate CCS and strategies to enhance isomer separation to glycopeptide calibrant choice for precise CCS measurements.

Subject Area

Analytical chemistry|Chemistry

Recommended Citation

Minnick, Jessica L, "Investigation of Carbohydrate Isomers through Ion Mobility Spectrometry – Mass Spectrometry" (2021). ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln. AAI28712776.