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Felicia Johnson

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Fall 2005

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Documentary Editing, Volume 27, Number 3, Fall 2005. ISSN 0196-7134


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Creating a web site begins with the collection of resources, either primary or secondary or a combination of the two. Before resources can be identified as valuable and pertinent to continued scholarly research in a specific area and made available on the web, several different kinds of people invested in the project meet to discuss goals and objectives. First, everyone in the group acknowledges the relevance and importance of the resources and agrees that making the resources more accessible on the web will enhance research in that area. Then, the group takes on the task of getting the materials on the web. Unfortunately, quite frequently those charged with putting sources on the web are not best qualified to do so. A common error in this situation is to rush forward without a plan. It is important to realize that putting resources on the web is only one step in the multi-step process of web site development. Web site development begins before a single resource reaches a scanner or the first generation of digital surrogate is produced. A successful web site begins with developing a comprehensive plan.