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Winter 2005

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Documentary Editing, Volume 27, Number 4, Winter 2005. ISSN 0196-7134


2005 © the Association for Documentary Editing. Used by permission.


The finances of the Association for Documentary Editing remain sound. In the last fiscal year, there was a decrease in the general budget of $1,544, giving us unrestricted assets totaling $53,756. This is the third consecutive year of decreases, but a large increase from four years ago has continued to provide extra income for continually increasing operating expenses. It is still too early to tell how the dues increase will affect our income. A number of members renewed before the new dues structure took place, but it appears that a number of members did not renew at all. We continue to receive donations from members in addition to their memberships, and this money has helped to balance budgets in the last few years. Hopefully in the year or years to come, people will renew their memberships. As you will tell from the attached sheets, nearly all of our money comes from membership dues and conference income.