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Documentary Editing: Journal of the Association for Documentary Editing, Volume 31: 2010 ISSN 0196-7134


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Now I will begin leaking details that will enable you to confirm your suspicions, for by now many of you will have guessed that this year’s recipient of the Lyman H. Butterfield Award is Gregg L. Lint. The project where he has spent his entire career as an editor is, of course, the Adams Papers, whose staff he joined in the fall of 1975. He recently completed work on the fifteenth volume of The Papers of John Adams, the series with which he has been most closely identified. He has been the “lead editor” responsible for volumes in that series since 1983, and the 2010 volume will be the ninth in which his position on the title page recognizes his role. In addition, he has contributed to several other volumes in other Adams Papers series. Said one colleague: “His knowledge of John Adams’s public life is unrivaled, and he has used that expertise to produce well-edited books that have furthered substantially our understanding of U.S. diplomacy in the revolutionary era.” Another regrets the fact that “nowadays not many students of the late colonial, revolutionary, and early national periods think of themselves as diplomatic historians.” But our Butterfield laureate does, and his work shows him to be “a scholar of diplomatic history of insight and skill.”