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During World War II, a memorandum was "routine order by the War Department, or a headquarters, that gives directions, advice, or information.”

The minimum unambiguous citation for this document is: WD Memo W570-1-1942


Contributor Robert Bolin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The US Army Military History Institute provided to Professor Bolin on June 13, 1995.


This memorandum is addressed to all theater commanders and the commanders of all ports of embarkation.

It provides that “arrangements be made at once to insure [sic] that samples of enemy equipment and materiel be delivered to the United States…” for study and analysis.

It instructs the chiefs of transportation in each theater to expedite shipment of captured materiel to the US.

It instructs the commanding generals of ports in the United States to notify the chiefs of the technical service “responsible for similar American equipment” to request shipping instructions. For example, an enemy tank received would be reported to the Chief of Ordnance; and a radio, to the Chief Signal Officer.