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This is two in a series of letters between the Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) and The Surgeon General (TSG) concerning the concentration of the Technical Service (TS) intelligence agencies at Arlington Hall Station. At that time the TS intelligence agencies were housed in 5 different temporary buildings around Washington, DC. In anticipation of the approval, ACSI stated that he had requested that 176,000 sq. ft. of office space be reserved at AHS.

ACSI proposed to concentrate the army Technical Service intelligence agencies at Arlington Hall Station (AHS). AHS was an army base located a few miles south of Washington, DC. It had been home to some operations of the National Security Agency and its predecessor agencies which had recently moved into a new headquarters building at Ft Meade, MD.

ACSI pointed out a number of benefits of concentrating the TS intelligence agencies in a well-equipped secure facilities. Obviously, concentration would allow the TS intelligence agencies to share information and coordingate their operations. ACSI specified that concentration did not require the change of status of the TS intelligence agencies. They would remain Class II agencies subordinate to the the chiefs of the technical services.

The Surgeon General concurred with the proposal to move the Medical Information and Intelligence Agency to Arlington Hall Station provided that the MIIA remained a Class II agency subordinate to TSG.