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US Army, Technical Manual, TM 30-430, Chapter III, 1 March 1946


The copy digitized was borrowed from the Marshall Center Research Library, APO, AE 09053-4502.


TM 30-340, Handbook on USSR Military Forces, was “published in installments to expedite dissemination to the field.”

TM30-430, Chapter III, 1 March 1946, “Field Organization,” contains detailed descriptions of the organization of various types of units in the Soviet armed forces. The text is further illuminated by numerous tables of organization and equipment. This manual is listed in WorldCat under Accession Number: OCLC: 19989681

A Note on Scholarly Usage
Since revised editions of Army manuals are customarily issued with the same manual number and title as the previous editions, the minimal scholarly citation must contain the date of issue. The minimum unambiguous citation for this chapter is TM 30-430, Chapter III, 1 March 1946.