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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual is FM 30-16, 1955.


(1) This is a digital copy of a copy of a document loaned to Robert Bolin by the US Military History Institute in 1992.

(2) This manual superseded FM 30-16, 29 June 1953.

(3) Because the Army often reuses document numbers and titles, the date of the document must be included to unambiguously cite a given document.

This parts of this manual were classified, reclassified, and declassified at various times.


This manual outlines responsibilities for technical intelligence at all levels in the Army from the top level to units in the field. It discusses technical intelligence training, processing, and operations.

The modern US Army vision of the technical intelligence developed during World War II. The importance of studying foreign military equipment had become apparent and procedures for collecting and evaluating of equipment had been developed. Technical Intelligence procedures and organizations were refined during the cold war and Korean War. Period.

This manual represents a mature picture of Army technical intelligence as it was in the mid-1959s from the viewpoint of the Army headquarters.

Note that, in the mid-1950s, there was no national military intelligence organization. By default the army technical services collected and processes strategic intelligence for the armed forces in addition to intelligence about foreign weapons and equipment. That feature of technical intelligence is hardly mentioned in this manual.