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The minimum unambiguous citation for this Army Field Manual is: FM 55-8, December 1961


This manual superceded FM 55-8, 12 October 1956.

This is a digital copy of a xerographic copy of an original borrowed from the University of Georgia Libraries. This digital copy is incomplete because the appendices had not been copied. An effort is being made to borrow another copy so that a complete copy can be substituted for this one.

Since the Army often reuses document numbers and titles, the date of the publication must be used to unambiguously identify any given field manual.

This manual was superseded by FM 55-8, 12 March 1970. By 1970, American military intelligence had been drastically reorganized and centralized. The abstract for FM 55-8, 1970, outlines the reorganization of American military intelligence in the 1960s.


In 1961, American military intelligence was decentralized. The Army was responsible for all intelligence concerning foreign armed forces. Within the Army, the technical services – Transportation Corps, Signal Corps, Ordnance Corps, etc. – were responsible for intelligence concerning analogous organization in foreign organizations. The Transportation Corps was responsible for intelligence concerning foreign transportation equipment and services. Since there was no centralized American military intelligence organization, the Transportation Corps was tasked with supplying intelligence concerning foreign road and rail networks and waterways as well as ports and landing beaches and airfields.

This manual defines transportation intelligence and prescribes Army doctrine concerning training and use of forces in the field to gather information to be used to produce transportation intelligence and for use of transportation intelligence.