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PC 315/1-1-163 (formerly EIG-42)


The document digitized was borrowed from the U.S. Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Originally the document had been marked “For Official Use Only.” It was “declassified” in 1973.

Blank pages were not reproduced in this digital document.

The title page says that this document is “Formerly EIG 43” and the document is in the format of Army Engineer Intelligence Guides (EIG). Apparently, that is because this document was drafted as an EIG by the US Corps of Engineers before the Defense Intelligence Agency took over certain intelligence functions from the Army.


The cover and the forward claim that PC 315/1-1-63 is a publication of the, then new, intelligence Production Center of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

This appears to be an excellent technical-intelligence type document about American weapons and equipment. It could just as easily be a product of Soviet military intelligence. It contains descriptions and illustrations about various categories of landing craft and equipment. The categories of material covered include:

  • Landing Craft
  • Landing Ships
  • Amphibious Vehicles
  • Support Ships (including command ships and fire support ships) and
  • Auxiliary equipment

The appendices contain information about:

  • The capacities of various types of craft
  • Comparisons of various type of craft
  • Samples of beaching loads for various types of craft

In addition, the document contains a lengthy list of classification symbols for landing craft. It also contains a glossary.

The distribution list is much more extensive than the distribution list for a typical Engineer Intelligence Guide.