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Summer 2009

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Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship (Summer 2009) 10(2). Also available at http://southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/content/v10n02/dotson_d01.html.


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This article covers the revamp of a science library’s web area. The library’s web area contained outdated web pages, unused files, and an architecture that made it hard to maintain. All of these issues with the web area resulted in an examination and revamping of several aspects of all the files on the web area. Server statistics were used to determine the usage of the files in the library’s web area. Files containing textual information were categorized according to their topic and the usage of each topic area was examined to determine the distribution of usage amongst the topic areas. Files were also categorized according to file type in order to determine the distribution of various file types. The architecture of the web area was improved in order to make the files categorized into proper topic folders and thus easier to maintain. Files were moved as needed in order to fit into the new architecture. Unused web pages were integrated into other web pages or deleted entirely. Redirects were created for users that have used bookmarks or links to the old location. Web pages were all examined and appropriately revised in order to provide concise, up to date, and accurate information and links to information. The article ends with the future plans for the web area, including a regular schedule of maintenance.