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Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship (Winter 2005) 6(3). Also available at http://southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/content/v06n03/mckellar_d01.htm.


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Technology is being introduced to students at an earlier age each year. In today’s society students need to acquire a comfort level with technology and strong information literacy skills, preferably at an early age. It is for this reason that schools are being encouraged to create programs that both pique students’ interest in and develop their knowledge of technology.

UDLib/SEARCH is an example of a statewide program that enhances information literacy through use of technology and could be used as a model for similar programs. UDLib/SEARCH provides 16 periodical and encyclopedia databases as well as training on the use of these databases to educators in all public schools in the state of Delaware.


UDLib/SEARCH is a program that can be used as a model for methods of increasing information literacy in public schools. This program has proven three things: (1) students can grasp the concept of and benefit from searching online databases—even at a young age, (2) statewide programs provide equity in access to resources, and (3) access to technology in schools coupled with training and technical support increases the probability that the resources will be used and that the technology will be successfully integrated into the classroom setting.

For more information about UDLib/SEARCH, please visit the program’s web site at http://udlibsearch.lib.udel.edu/.