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Journal of Southern Academic and Special Librarianship (October 1999) 1(2). ISSN: 1525-321X. Also available at http://southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/indexv1.html.


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Review of Bio-rhythms, Biological Clocks and Periodicity: Index of New Information with Authors & Subjects by Preston G. Parke. ABBE Publishers Association of Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. 1996. $49.50.

The flyer piqued our interest: a hot topic that students were trying to find pre-packaged for their reports and essays. One hundred and sixty pages full of the most recent articles on bio-rhythms -- with index. A reasonable price, for this day, was demanded. The book was ordered, cataloged, prepped and placed on the new books for reference truck. Twenty minutes later, the book had been withdrawn and a note made in the accession records to never purchase from the publisher again. We had been burned by a vanity press.