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Published in J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 22(5), Sep/Oct 2004. ©2004 American Vacuum Society. Used by permission.


This work is motivated by interest in use of iridium metal films in the space environment. Optical metrology is a sensitive tool for study of film roughness, optical constants, and microstructural properties. In the present paper, in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry is applied to monitor oxygen plasma etching of films of iridium/chromium on fused silica substrates, using an electron cyclotron resonance plasma source. Optical modeling allows for a fundamental understanding of the plasma etching mechanism. Analysis of spectroscopic psi and delta data at selected time slices suggests the iridium film is etched away gradually upon plasma irradiation, while showing no signs of oxidation or other chemical changes. Nanoscale atomic mixing and index of refraction grading are observed.