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Published in J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 18„(6), Nov-Dec 2000. ©2000 American Vacuum Society. Used by permission.


Stencil masks are key to charged particle projection lithography, in particular for ion projection lithography. To fulfill pattern printing requirements in the sub-70 nm regime, excellent thickness uniformity and thermal emissivity control are critical parameters for high quality stencil mask fabrication. We propose and demonstrate a technique based on infrared variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (IR-VASE) to measure these parameters with adequate accuracy and precision. The refractive index of the Si membrane was evaluated using a Sellmeier dispersion model combined with a Drude model. Because of its spectral range from 2 to 33 μm, the IR-VASE method is sensitive to the thickness of layers as well as to the concentration and profile of Si membrane doping.