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APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 107, 071908 (2015)

doi: 10.1063/1.4929367


Copyright (c) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. Used by permission.


We use generalized spectroscopic ellipsometry to characterize the biaxial optical properties of porous polymer and slanted nanocolumnar template thin films. The porous polymer with inverse columnar structure was prepared via infiltrating polymer into the voids of the slanted nanocolumnar film and selectively removing the column material (cobalt). The anisotropic Bruggeman effective medium approximation was employed to analyze the ellipsometry data of the porous polymer film and nanocolumnar template. The classification and structure of optical anisotropy are found to be identical for both samples. The interchangeable optical behaviors between two complementary structures are attributed to the equivalency in their anisotropic polarizabilities.