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Spring 2008


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Engineering Students Enjoy Spain Firsthand: With Nebraska Engineering’s focus on international education, “live and learn” happens in amazing settings. Warm up to the wonders of winter break in Spain.
Spring Break at 35,000 Feet: Nebraska Engineering’s undergraduate research reaches new heights in service to NASA. Ride along with blog posts from an uplifting experience in microgravity.
UNL Experts Build Better Bridges: Atorod Azizinamini—professor of Civil Engineering, researcher and director of UNL's National Bridge Research Organization (NABRO)—leads a team in applying a $2 million grant for safer spans.
Tiny Fibers, Huge Potential: The longterm research of UNL’s Yuris Dzenis is developing super nanocomposites. Along the way, the R. Vernon McBroom Professor of Engineering Mechanics has created continuous nanofibers to toughen conventional laminated composites, and the journal Science has taken notice.
New Tractor Test Track Impresses: Tour a time-honored tradition enhanced by recent upgrades.
Online Programs Provide Flexibility for Working Engineers: Studying engineering is rigorous, especially when you’re working. However, UNL’s online opportunities not only feature convenience and great faculty, but also develop collaboration and technology skills.
Class Notes
Steel or Concrete: A professor for 36 years at the University of Texas-Austin, Jim Jirsa '60 CIVE, focuses on the performance of structures in earthquakes or corrosive environments.
Schorr Center Transforms CSE Facilities: With raw muscle on the field and now computing power beneath, Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium is even more formidable.
After Hours: As the academic year winds down, the Nebraska Engineering community once again gathers excellence and excitement in E-Week activities.

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