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Fall 2008


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A Welcome Home: Zero Net Energy Test House unites university and industry as students' learning is caught green-handed
Making their mark on mars: Huskers at Honeybee, a New York City robotics firm, work on Mars missions
Epigenetics: A dialogue between biologists and engineers: Joe Turner, professor and chair of the Department of Engineering Mechanics, collaborates with UNL plant scientist Sally McKenzie on nanoscale work with huge potential
Energy monitoring on the home front: Together with OPPD, Nebraska Engineering studies devices to promote efficiency
Wave of the future: Biological Systems Engineering professor Greg Bashford creates a new ultrasound process to detect the severity of tendon injury
Study eyes predicting tenderness of steaks: BSE's Jeyamkondan Subbiah innovates a process with hyperspectral imaging toward better beef
UNL, UC-Irvine partnership engineers a talent pipeline: The connection draws more students to UNL's online M.Eng. program
Cargill plant goes ergo-friendly with help from Nebraska Engineering: IMSE professor David Cochran shows that "ergo" is the way to go
Class notes
Play-by-play with the Nebraska Engineering flag team
Heart of a Husker, mind of a mechanical engineer: How does he do it? Blackshirt senior Tyler Wortman keeps a 3.955 grade point average while playing linebacker for the Huskers
After Hours: ride on: Nebraska Engineering's web developer David Sockrider maintains an eco- and budget-friendly commute across the seasons

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