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Published in International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation 5(4), 341-346, 2004. Copyright (c) 2004 Xiangfa Wu , Yuris A. Dzenis, and Bradley D. Rinschen. Published by Freund Publishing House Ltd.


This paper is concerned with the interaction between an interfacial edge-crack and a screw dislocation under out-of-plane mechanical and in-plane electric loading in a piezoelectric bimaterial strip. In addition to a discontinuous electric potential across the slip plane, the dislocation is subjected to a line-force and a line-charge at the core. Under the framework of linear piezoelectricity, the out-of-plane displacement and in-plane electric potentials are constructed in closed-form by means of conformal mapping technique and the known solution for screw dislocation in cracked piezoelectric bimaterial. The intensity factors (IFs) and energy release rate (ERR) are derived explicitly.