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Deans Committee (Dean Corrigan and Alfredo Castaneda, Chairmen) Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers. Lincoln, Nebraska 1974


This training document was prepared by the Deans Committee of the Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers and does not represent an official position of the Study Commission. The book is a study document for distribution to those associated with the work of the Commission.


List of Deans Committee Members, Contributors and Participants


Introduction, Paul A. Olson

The Educational Significance of the Future, Harold G. Shane

Educational Research and Development Priorities to Create the Future, Charles W. Case

Riding the Apocalypse: Education and the Future of Humanity, Robert Bundy

DIALOGUE: Futures Planning and its Methodology

Teacher Education: A Future of Declining Need—Toward the Redefmition of the Teaching Market, W. Timothy Weaver

Can the Schools Survive? Dean C. Corrigan

DIALOGUE: Involving the Community in Futures Planning

Governance Models for Teacher Education in the Future, Edgar L. Sagan and Barbara G. Smith

The Future of Education and Linguistic and Cultural Pluralism, Lawrence D. Freeman

(246 pp)