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Kansas State University, February 14 - March 11, 1966


Row 1: Donald B. Leuck, John M. McWilliams, Kenneth J. Starks, George R. Manglitz, William W. McMillian, R. H. Painter, Harry W. Somsen, Billy R. Wiseman, W.A. Douglas, R.L. Gallun.

Row 2: Eldon E.Ortman, Roger Ratcliffe, James R. Gifford, Fowden G. Maxwell, Edgar L. Sorensen, S. Dean Kindler, W. D. Guthrie, James A. Webster, John A. Schillinger, Walter E. Peay.

Row 3: George R. Pesho, William L. Parrott, Marvin W. Nielson, Lew E.Wallace, Birely J. Landis, Terry F. Branson, Richard C. Newton, Ralph Mathes, Merrill Cleveland, Ted N. Shaver.

Row 4: Paul A. Stewart, B. Dean Barry, Everett A. Wood, Jr., Frank P. Cuthbert, David M. Daugherty, Harvey L. Chada, Frank V. Lieberman, Don L. Coudriet, Albert N. Kishaba, Geroge B. Hewitt.

There are two UNL faculty in the photo who were also USDA scientists: George Manglitz and Dean Kindler. Dr. Manglitz was my major professor when I earned my Ph.D. degree.

— Steve Danielson

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