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March 2006


Published in INSECTA MUNDI, Vol. 20, No. 1-2, March-June, 2006. Copyright © M. J. Paulsen. Used by permission.


Direct sampling of rodent burrows in Nebraska resulted in the collection of 16 species of Aphodius Illiger previously unknown from the state, including specimens of four undescribed species. One of these species is described here as new: Aphodius viceversus new species recorded from Nebraska and Kansas. Other Aphodius species recorded from Nebraska for the first time include A. acuminatus Cartwright, . anomaliceps Brown, A. carri Brown, A. criddlei Brown, A. kirni Cartwright, A. kiowensis Gordon and Salsbury, A. magnificens Robinson, A. neodistinctus Brown, A. peculiosus Schmidt, A. punctissimus Brown, A. thomomysi Brown, and A. leptotarsis Brown. Collecting information is summarized for each species.

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