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January 2003


Published in Systematic Entomology 28 (2003), pp. 323-338. Copyright © 2003 The Royal Entomological Society. Used by permission. "The definitive version is available at".


Phalangogonia Burmeister is revised and now includes eight species: P. dispar Ohaus, P. jamesonae, sp.n., P. lacordairei Bates, P. obesa Burmeister, P. parilis Bates, P. punctata Franz, P. ratcliffei, sp.n. and P. sperata Sharp. Phalangogonia debilidens Ohaus is placed in synonymy with P. sperata. Lectotypes are designated for the following nominal species: P. dispar Ohaus, P. lacordairei Bates, P. parilis Bates and P. championi Bates. Neotypes are designated for: P. obesa Burmeister, P. sperata Sharp, P. stipes Sharp and P. debilidens Ohaus. A cladistic analysis of the species of Phalangogonia was executed using thirty-two morphological characters of adults.

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