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April 2003


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 57(1):56. 2003. Copyright © 2003 A. Smith. Used by permission.


This is an excellent faunal survey of the scarab beetle subfamily Aphodiinae of New Zealand. It is obvious that Stebnicka has thoroughly searched the literature and has critically examined many specimens (1,5001) from all the important collections. The monograph includes keys to species and descriptions of all taxa. It also contains detailed information on the systematics, biology, and biogeography of the group as it pertains to New Zealand. There are 20 species dealt with in this volume. Nine species are native endemics, ten are adventive, and one is an interception record (with no evidence of persistent populations occurring). The volume contains 59 figures and 20 maps (one for each species). Species have either a dorsal or lateral view of the entire body or an illustration of the male genitalia (most species have both). Most of the habitus illustrations are SEMs. The remaining illustrations are line drawings of the epipharynx, genitalia, and leg characters.

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