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January 2001


Published in The Coleopterists Bulletin, 55(1):123–124. 2001. Copyright 2001 Brett C. Ratcliffe.


This beautifully produced publication devoted to Cetoniinae (Scarabaeidae) and their relatives is the brainchild of Robert Alexis (editor) and Michel Delpont (director of publication). Volume 1 (No. 1, 52 pp) was printed in September 2000 and contained articles clarifying the status of Potosia cuprea Fabr. (with magnificent color illustrations of beetles, habitats, and range maps), collecting on Krk island in Yugoslavia, the cetoniine fauna of Lesbos island in Greece, and Cetoniidarum Specierum Lexicon, which is a supplemental but integral part of Cetoniimania in which new taxa are described in both French and English (again, with excellent color illustrations and line drawings). There are also six pages of eye-catching notices for beetle books and journals (including the Coleopterists Bulletin), specimens for exchange or sale, collecting expeditions, and accommodations in collecting areas.

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