Environmental Studies Program


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Fall 2015


Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2015


Copyright @ 2015 Weslyn Anne Ramaekers


Our climate is ever changing, and rapidly at that. Yet, people seem to be more and more unaware and disconnected to our changing environment. This is where wine comes in, wine is a complex and concrete representation of each subtle ecosystem change that occurs in the environment. Therefore, the research question for this study is, can wine be used as a tool to raise individuals awareness levels about the environment? This study was conducted at three wineries in the location of Lincoln Nebraska, through implementation of a Google Forums survey. The survey consisted of a combination of categorical and quantitative environmentally wine focused questions. The key finding of this research study was that 99% of participants responded to wine being a tool that could raise awareness levels. It was concluded that wine and the process of viticulture can be used as a successful tool to raise individuals awareness level upon certain environmental factors that affect the product of wine.