Environmental Studies Program


Date of this Version

Fall 12-2018


South of Lincoln, Nebraska a conservation project is underway to create a passage between Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center and Pioneers Park Nature Center. The passage way between the two parks will be restored to its natural state of tallgrass prairie. Eventually, a walking and bike path will be constructed through the corridor to join the parks. The passage has the potential to educate the surrounding community about their natural history and to connect them to their environment and their cultural heritage. Through this thesis and a systematic literature review, we examine different modes of outdoor education, interpretations, guided and unguided trail techniques, signage design, and placements to develop a trail plan for the future Prairie Corridor. Ultimately, we strive to create a self-guided trail that will provide visitors with a meaningful experience that links them to their past and facilitates a desire to preserve the natural world for future generations.