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Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2020.


Copyright 2020 Jennifer Gilbert


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln took a major step toward sustainability this past fall when Dining Services installed their first ever biodigester on November 8, 2019 within Selleck Dining Center. The impact this biodigester has had, thus far, is observable in the form of quantitative data collected in the amount of food waste digested by this technology. This study focuses on analyzing collected data from the LFC Cloud database, while also searching for trends and patterns that could further suggest substantial impact and efficiency of the biodigester on food waste reduction and sustainability initiatives within UNL Dining Services. Data Tables and figures within this report aim to visually represent the impact of this biodigester. Broken down by days, weeks, and months, the charts, graphs, and tables produced from the biodigester data are the most in-depth statistical analysis conducted using data from the UNL biodigester. This study serves as an introduction and stimulus project to establish a foundational framework and understanding of the importance and potential for continuing future observation, analysis, and research surrounding the UNL biodigester housed in Selleck Dining Center.