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Jake Duffy

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Environmental Studies Undergraduate Student Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2023


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Several studies have identified a gap in the understanding of what guided nature walks does for the individual person, and the extent to which guided nature walks and interpretive signs improves individual pro-environmental behavior and attitudes. This study surveyed over 300 people on their reactions to certain types of signs and the influence that those signs had on the individuals’ desire to return outdoors. Our results showed an overwhelmingly positive reaction to signs with ecological or systems-based information that could be utilized on their walk, while signs that taught an environmental or historical feature of that area were not appreciated as much. Additionally, we found variable interests between age groups that should be considered when planning for the next generation of outdoor recreators. Recommendations for future signage is to create features that allow people to interact with the content in a manner that can be used and applied in real-world context.