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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements tor the degree of Bachelor of Divinity in the Collage of Religion, Butler University, Indianapolis 1941.

Deposited by permission of his son, Robert Bolin.

Includes 9 photographs & 1937 map of Morgan County. (1999 map of Morgan Co. is attached below as Additional file.)


This thesis is the presentation of the history of the Churches of Christ in Morgan County, Kentucky, from their beginning to the present day. Although the term "Church of Christ" predominates in Morgan County, it will be used synonymously with the Christian Church in this thesis. The term "Disciples of Christ" will not be used, although it is the name of the brotherhood as given in the United States Census reports and the name on the Year Book. Morgan County has an area of 413 square miles and a population ot 16,327. It is located in the central eastern part of Kentucky, in the northwestern section ot the southern Appalachian mountains known as the Cumberland Plateau. The Licking River, creeks and branches have dissected it into low and narrow ridges until it retains little of the plateau character. The ridge lands rise to elevations ranging from 1200 to 1300 feet above sea level. The inhabitants of Morgan County are of British Isles ancestry with a sprinkling of Germans and French Huguenots. The present population is 100 per cent American born with the exception of about half a dozen people. "Nigger Liz" is the only colored resident of the county. My interest in the county, especially the churches, has existed for several years. This interest has been intensified by the utterly talse conception that many outsiders (even the most of those who have written about the hills) have of the actual conditions in the southern Appalachian highlands. While my first concern in this thesis is to present a history of the Church of Christ, the necessity of placing the church in its environment will not be overlooked.

morgan-1999-1.pdf (7559 kB)
Morgan Co. 1999 map