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Philadelphia: Published by Daniel Rice and James G. Clark, 132 Arch Street.


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History of the Indian Tribes of North America [44 pp]

An Essay on the History of the North American Indians by James Hall, Parts I-IV

The Genuineness of the Portrait of Pocahontas, by D. M. Randolph

Localities of all the Indian Tribes of North America in 1833

Statement showing the number of each tribe of Indians, whether natives of, or emigrants to, the country west of the Mississippi, with items of emigration and subsistence. 1842 & 1843.

Present Localities of the Indian Tribes west of the Mississippi.

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Encampment of Piekann Indians near Fort McKenzie, on the Muscleshell River

No-way-ke-sug-ga, an Otoe

No-Tin, a Chippewa Chief

Mon-Chousia, a Kansas Chief

Tah-Col-O-Quoit, a Sauk Warrior

Tuko-See Mathla, a Seminole Chief

Pa-She-nine, a Chippewa Chief

Oche-Finceco, a Half-Breed Creek

Po-Ca-Hon-tas, The Princess who rescued Capt. Smith

Ledagie, a Creek Chief

On-ge-Wae, a Chippewa Chief

Nah-et-Luc-Hopie, a Muscogee Chief

Amiskquew, a Menomine Warrior

Itcho Tustinnuggee, a Seminole Chief

David Cann, a Cherokee Chief

Tulcee Mathla, a Seminole Chief

Jack O Pay, a Chippewa Chief

Kee-Sha-Waa, a Fox Warrior

A Winnebago, an Orator

Waa-top-e-not, a Chippewa Chief

Pee-Che-Kir, a Chippewa Chief

O-hya-wa-mince-Kee, a Chippewa Chief

John Ross, a Cherokee Chief

Apauly-Tustennuggee, a Creek Chief