Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


Date of this Version

September 1989


The New York State Cooperative Coyote Damage Control Program was established in late 1986 through a cooperative agreement between the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) and USDA/ APHIS/ ADC in response to escalating complaints of coyote (Canis latrans) depredations on sheep from 1980-85. Ten counties with histories of and/or potential for coyote/livestock conflicts were identified and targeted for publicity and primary program emphasis. Program staff received 58 reports of coyote depredations on 182 sheep from 32 producers in the ten target counties and seven outlying counties from May 1987 through May 1989/ and verified 46 complaints from 24 producers with a total loss of 121 sheep. Preventative management recommendations included pasture mowing/, carrion removal/ night confinement/ guard dogs/ frightening devices/ and electric fencing. ADC constructed two night corrals with permanent and temporary electric fencing materials for demonstration/evaluation purposes/ tested experimental scare devices/ monitored performance of guard dogs employed by cooperating producers/ and entered into operational control agreements with 15 cooperators during this period. From June 1987 through January 1989/ twelve coyotes were taken on or near 8 of the 15 cooperator farms. Cooperating producers/, who had experienced a collective loss of 105 sheep (an average of 7 sheep per producer over an average period of 20 days) prior to contacting ADC, have reported a total of 35 losses (an average of 2.3 sheep per producer over an average period of 344 days) since initiation of ADC activities.