Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


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Two commercial (ReJeX-iTR brand) formulations of methyl anthranilate (MA), at concentrations of 0.10 - 0.5096 (0 -0.32% active ingredient [a.i.]), were highly effective in repelling mallards (Anal plaryrhynchos), and ring-billed gulls (detawarensis) from pools of water in pen tests. For mallards, pool entries and bill contacts with water in MA-treated pools 1.4 and 4.0% of the levels in untreated pools during a 2-choice test, and 4.2 and 8.8% of the levels in untreated pools during 1-choice test. For gulls, the repellency levels were even higher, with activity levels in treated pools being < 1% of levels untreated pools during I- and 2-choice tests. We recommend further pen tests to determine minimum effective concentrate levels and a field test to determine responses of free-ranging birds.