Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


Date of this Version

October 1993


Members of the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association (AFVP) were surveyed in 1992-1993 to assess their attitudes and knowledge of coyotes and the amount of perceived damage caused by coyotes. A mail-back questionnaire was developed and pilot tested. The revised questionnaire was sent to all members (N = 84) of the AFVP; individuals whose main income is the production of fruits and vegetables. Seventy-seven percent (n = 61) of those surveyed returned completed questionnaires. Tests for nonresponse bias were conducted and results showed no significant difference. Attitudes were assessed using a Likert scale where 1 = respondents favoring maximum protection of coyotes and 5 = maximum control of coyotes. Data analysis suggests that attitudes of fruit and vegetable producers towards coyotes is neither maximum protection nor maximum control (x=3.61). However, their attitudes do lean toward the maximum control side of the scale. In addition, knowledge about coyotes and perceived threat by coyotes did not affect producer’s attitudes (x2 = 261.12, P = 0.54; x2 = 904.50, P = 0.37, respectively), however, those with coyote damage more strongly favored control.