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Date of this Version

October 2006


Published in Proceedings, 11th Triennial National Wildlife & Fisheries Extension Specialists Conference, October 14-18, 2006, Big Sky, MT.


The primary emphasis of this survey was to determine what specific problems Texas private impoundment owners/managers confront, how widely these problems occur, and where owners/managers get their information on pond management. A secondary emphasis was to examine the potential utilization of the Internet to gather information and distributed outreach materials. A random sample of 2,999 private impoundment (i.e., no public waters) applicants for Triploid Grass Carp Permits from Texas Parks and Wildlife was utilized as the survey mailing list. A 49-question survey was developed and placed on a secure web site. Each questionnaire contained five sections: general pond characteristics, physical pond characteristics, aquatic vegetation, fish and other wildlife, and management goals. Two post-card mailings were made asking recipients to go to the online web site and fill out the survey. The overall response rate was 21.3% (excluding non-deliverable postcards and unusable submitted surveys). Summary statistics for each question were calculated and then analyzed in order to gain a clearer picture of pond management practices employed by Texas impoundment owners/ managers. Results indicated some initial discrepancies between management practices and preferences and common management recommendations. This was illustrated most dramatically in aquatic vegetation management and basic understanding of management principles.