Extension Wildlife & Fisheries Specialists Conferences


Date of this Version

June 1996


Published in W. Daniel Edge, ed. Proceedings of the 8th National Extension Wildlife and Fisheries Specialists Workshop: Educational Challenges for the 21st Century. [1996] Corvallis, Oregon: Oregon State University, 1998.


As I was looking through your program for the next few days, I noticed that several of the workshops had to do with the future—Perspectives on Natural Resources Extension for the 21st Century, A Perspective on the Past, Present, and Future Extension Wildlife and Fisheries Programs, Extension Technologies for the 21st Century, and on and on. But it is our youth with whom we should focus. It's the young generations now that are going to be doctors, pilots of major airlines, presidents, UN Peacekeepers, but most important of all—keepers of our planet earth. Our future is going to be built around the youth of today. What you teach and how you treat the youth now will have a great impact on tomorrow. These youth are looking to you as role models. My name is Holly Davis and I am 18 years old. I have been involved in Snohomish County 4-H Natural Resources for the past 9 years—a group in which a majority of the responsibility falls on our teen leaders, from selecting, to arranging, advertising, running, and participating in 25 to 30 outdoor events, community activities, and meetings a year. All open to the public.