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This NebGuide discusses facts to consider when examining a prospective home's yard and landscape.

Often home buyers hire an inspector to evaluate the roof, plumbing, heating system, and structure of a prospective home. Seldom, however, does the landscape receive similar scrutiny.

Buyers should consider investing time and, perhaps, even money in careful evaluation of the landscape they might be purchasing. A healthy, well-designed, well-maintained landscape adds significant equity (15 percent or more) to a property's value. In a climate like Nebraska's, characterized by hot, windy summers and cold, windy winters, lawns, trees, and shrubs play a major role in moderating a property's micro-climate. This, in turn, influences comfort, as well as the cost of heating and cooling.

Properly sited trees and shrubs also add beauty to the landscape. However, unhealthy trees with weak limbs can seriously damage your property and threaten human safety. Trees are expensive to remove, so adequate inspection of a property before purchase is a good investment.