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Author's note: This publication was written in the months immediately prior to the beginning of the 104th Congress in January 1995. While the basic issues ave not changed, the schedule for reauthorization of the Clean Water Act and the approach to issues may have been altered by the change in political-party leadership in the Congress. For example, wetlands policy and private property rights may be treated as separate pieces of legislation in 1995.

The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, frequently referred to as the Clean Water Act (CWA), was last amended and updated in 1987. This reauthorization expired on September 30, 1994. Although hearings and other activities leading to yet another reauthorization took place in 1993 and 1994, disputes over key provisions precluded final action. It is expected to be considered again in 1995.

The following overview identifies major issues to be resolved in the Clean Water Act reauthorization. No attempt has been made to array these issues by priority, either for members of Congress or for particular groups of citizens.